LinkedIn Ads are relevant
June 4, 2019

6 Reasons why LinkedIn Ads are relevant

LinkedIn Ads are relevant for precise targeting and high-quality leads. Unlock their power today!

Why LinkedIn Ads are relevant – Are you in the marketing business and focused on leads? Or maybe a brand marketer looking to raise awareness for your business? Are you the best of both? LinkedIn’s variety of marketing solutions will assist you. With LinkedIn, we can connect your brand with the world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals.

If you want to hit the bullseye, you first aim must be in the direction of the dart board. If you’re in the business of doing paid advertising, LinkedIn is your dartboard.

6 Reasons why LinkedIn Ads are relevant

1. It’s Made of 380 Million Tech-Savvy Professionals

As a marketer, your focus is to target business professionals. According to an analyst, “LinkedIn members are highly motivated to maintain their professional profiles and keep their job details current.”

New professionals often use their LinkedIn profiles as their resumes, and seasoned professionals maintain their account details for networking purposes. A B2B marketer is knocking at an open door to a goldmine of demographic information that is constantly updated.

2. It Can Target A Broad Demographic for Details

In other words, this means that those who purchase LinkedIn’s ad solutions will be able to have access to users’ high-quality profiles for accurate targeting across a variety of channels.

On a personal profile, LinkedIn users identify themselves by company, industry, and job title. The LinkedIn ad system is able to collect the selected information about everyone on their network. They know whether a person is a marketing director, a technical writer, an office manager, the head of sales, or the CEO. They know whether that person works for Game, Makro, Mr Price or Vehicle Dealerships. They know whether a person lives in Cape Town, Johannesburg, or Durban.

When using LinkedIn to target your advertising, you can reach the bullseye every time. Optional LinkedIn targeting characteristics include:

  • Job Title
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Gender/age
  • Company Size
  • Geography
  • Group
  • Skill
  • Degree

LinkedIn allows advertisers to specify industry, company size, and job title of the individuals they want to see their display ads.

3. LinkedIn Is Able To Accommodate Skills-based Lead Qualifications

LinkedIn advertising works exceptionally well for known companies. Yes the clicks cost a bit more, but they convert at a higher rate. Because our product targets a specific type of business professional, we want to advertise to only those people.

As these members build their ‘skills’ in their profiles and receive endorsements from various places, we can see which business professionals is a good fit for our product and which ones aren’t. For example, those that have advanced analytics skills or those that have demand-related skills, such as paid search, are an excellent fit for what we do.

4. The LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

LinkedIn doesn’t leave marketers to sort through loads of data and prospect details on their own. Their new Lead Accelerator tool helps facilitate lead nurturing for marketers to display their ads to the right people at the right time based on where they are in the buying process. This allows marketers to organize their ad campaign strategy, and optimize the way they approach and nurture prospects through the funnel.

5. LinkedIn Ads Convert Well on Gated Content

B2B marketers on average distribute large amounts of content. B2B sales cycles and buying processes can be long, and as such, B2B leads benefit from plenty of education prior to the close. Gated content also provides a space for email capture and nurturing.

6. The Majority of B2B Marketers Agree

B2B industry benchmarks presented by the Content Marketing Institute show that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn in some capacity to disseminate content, and this same percentage of marketers agree that LinkedIn is the most effective social network for B2B marketing purposes.

When using ad networks that cost a bit more for the click, it’s incredibly important to have B2B attribution in place to allow you to track how well the clicks convert to revenue. That way, you’re able to see which individual ads cause the most conversions, allowing you to optimise your ad spend for maximum effectiveness. Your marketing will only be as good as the data you have. Let us help you grow your online presence, contact us today.

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