Tiktok is the most innovative advertising platform
April 12, 2021

TikTok labelled as most innovative advertising platform

Explore TikTok - hailed as the most innovative advertising platform, offering fun and engaging ads to over a billion users monthly!

TikTok has been labelled as the most innovative advertising platform of the instant, with over a billion people now logging into the app each month and scrolling through a never-ending feed of short clips attuned to the user’s interests.

That in turn has caught the attention of advertisers’ interests and TikTok is now considered to be the most innovative global media brand among media buyers around the globe.

The most innovative advertising platform!

The study, which contains responses from over 18000 consumers and 900 senior marketers, also found that buyers view TikTok ads because they are the ‘most fun and entertaining’, while TikTok has also increased its overall trust score among marketers.

This is important because while marketer trust increased in TikTok, it decreased for other media brands. As we adapt to a changing media landscape, TikTok will continue to still build trust with marketers through their dedicated trust and safety team.

Are you interested in taking this platform to the next level with your business – Get in touch with our digital savvy team today.

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