Shopping Ads Update
March 20, 2024

Meta’s Advantage+ and Shopping Ads Update 2024

Meta's Advantage+ and Shopping Ads Update: Enhance your eCommerce strategy with dynamic ad variations and optimised video formats.

Meta has recently announced multiple updates to its advertising platform, with a significant focus on retailers and those who use its automated Advantage+ campaigns. These updates bring a range of niche use cases that could potentially benefit your business.

One of the notable updates is the introduction of “Advantage+ creative optimisations,” which automatically optimises video ads for viewing on platforms such as Reels, Facebook, and Instagram with a 9:16 ratio. This enhancement aims to help brands capitalise on the popularity of various video formats within Meta’s ecosystem, particularly focusing on Reels.

According to Meta, daily watch times for videos across its platforms have grown by over 25% year-over-year in Q4, with Reels alone being reshared a staggering 3.5 billion times every day. The update also allows advertisers to dynamically create multiple variations of an ad, enabling the system to display options that resonate best with users.

Meta has expanded its Advantage+ catalogue ads by allowing the import and use of branded or customer demonstration videos, offering more dynamic and engaging content options beyond static images. This enhancement enhances personalised recommendations to users, showcasing relevant products based on individual interests.

Meta’s Shopping Ads Update

Additionally, Meta has introduced more eCommerce ad options, such as the integration of Shops ads update and branded content ads (now known as “Partnership ads”), enabling direct purchasing from collaborative campaigns. Reminder ads on Instagram now include external links to new products or sales, further facilitating conversions.

Furthermore, Meta has unveiled Promo Codes promotions on Facebook and Instagram, as well as ads with product tags, expanding advertising opportunities for businesses. Collaborative ads have been updated to provide enhanced analytics on performance, with ongoing tests for integration with Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Lastly, Meta is developing Advantage+ Catalogue ads with omni-channel brand and product-level reporting as a managed service solution, aiding businesses in proving the efficacy of their Meta platform ads in driving both online and in-store sales.

While these updates may not make headline news, they offer significant value to specific brands by enhancing targeting capabilities, improving engagement, and providing better measurement tools for advertising success within Meta’s ecosystem.

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