Metas new insights
March 13, 2020

Metas new insights to maximise your Facebook reach

Learn how to maximise your Facebook reach with Metas new insights, focusing on engagement and original content.

Metas new insights – Meta has a fresh overview of how creators can maximise their reach on Facebook and connect with potential fans via News Feed Distribution.

Engagement would be the key focus, showing more people content they’ll click through, comment on, share, and like. In this explanation, Meta says that it now views Facebook engagement in two ways.

In connected distribution, your posts are seen by people who follow you on Facebook, which is your core audience on the platform. Unconnected distribution is when your posts are seen by those who don’t follow you. This sort of distribution can come through other users sharing or resharing your posts, or from the “suggested for you” sections.

How to maximise your reach with Metas new insights

To maximise unconnected distribution, Meta advises that you should make original content. This type of content has your unique voice demonstrating the uniqueness you bring to your Facebook. The content is distinctive, engaging and is preferred by users.

You should optimise for shares. Make content other users will want to share as this kind of content will spark meaningful, respectful conversation and attracts more reactions or likes. Get recommended by ensuring your posted content does comply with integrity rules and guidelines for content recommended.

How, exactly, each of those elements factor into Facebook’s ‘unconnected distribution’ algorithms aren’t clear, but the pointers indicate that Facebook looks to market the maximum amount of original content because it can, while optimising for engagement remains a key consideration.

Various studies have shown that anger is an emotion that spreads most easily over social media, with joy coming second. You would like to strike an emotional chord together with your content and these are the two instinctive responses presumably to urge people to share content online.

Which, again, is smart. If you read something that annoys you, you are feeling a compulsion to reply, which can lead to you indirectly amplifying that content, while funny memes and trends also spread quickly across the web. Use this information to maximise your content reach today!

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