BeReal is on the rise
March 18, 2021

BeReal is on the rise

BeReal is on the rise, challenging traditional social media norms with its raw authenticity and spontaneous sharing.

For those of you who don’t know, BeReal is the latest social media App that has got people talking! – BeReal is on the rise.

BeReal is a French social media App that was released in 2020 but has only really gained popularity in mid-2022. The App is recording up to an astounding 10 million daily active users. BeReal is an App that prompts users, all at the same time, to spontaneously share what they are doing at the time of the prompt. This happens at random each day and only allows the users a 2-minute time frame to post their updates.

The App is being referred to as the ‘anti-Instagram’, as it encourages users to be completely raw and real, without the use of filters as often seen on Instagram with the impression of polished lifestyle scenes. The App is made for friends to just share their lives, as candid as it gets! This also allows users to get to know each other better and is a refreshing scene for social media users.

Other social media platforms might be feeling the pressure as some of them have started to investigate the possibility of replicating some of BeReal’s core tools. Instagram, for example, is said to be working on a new ‘Candid’ feature, inspired by the new App.

BeReal cleverly allows users to share real moments in their life, instead of picture-perfect images which do not highlight the lows and negatives that occur on a day-to-day basis. It provides a more relatable and realistic approach for users to be authentically themselves. The goal is to build a community and a connection with others.

BeReal is on the rise – Possible marketing opportunities

The big question being asked is if there are brand and marketing opportunities available within the BeReal App. An example of a brand that has been experimenting with the App is Chipotle, the overseas Mexican Grill fast food chain, which has been using BeReal to share exclusive and behind-the-scenes content, as well as promotional codes, with its audience. Product previews would work well considering the time limit in which you can view the content.

Currently, BeReal does not allow for any form of formal advertising, but who is to say that this would not be a possibility in the future? The current concern with the App is that it has very limited functionality, which could be easily replicated by competing Apps.

BeReal’s approach has proven to be extremely effective, considering its active user count is continuously on the rise. It may be worth considering how you can use this App as a more creative marketing approach in the future, so there is no harm in experimenting with it now!

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