your business needs social media marketing
July 21, 2020

10 reasons your business needs social media marketing

Your business needs social media marketing to drive traffic, improve SEO, build relationships, and boost sales.

Your business needs social media marketing – Recent research suggests that most people spend at least an hour of their day on social media. Browsing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more. When there are so many people online, it makes sense to put your business on social media and open it up to a world full of potential customers.

If you spend time marketing your business on social media, you are going to receive leads, no matter what you sell or who your target market is. Not being active on social media and marketing your brands on social media and keep your brand’s from growing. To show you how vital it is to have a portion of your business on social media, we’ve put together some pointers.

10 reasons your business needs social media marketing

1. Drive traffic to your website

When you post a news piece, blog post or new content on your website, it will take some time for your new content to gain traction and for people to see if. But with active SEO, together with sharing your posts on social media, you’ll notice an increase in your web traffic and people getting interested in your brand.

2. Improve your SEO ranking

By driving traffic to your site through social media, you’re creating a positive SEO ranking, and when you focus on driving traffic to optimised pages, you will climb the SEO rankings faster too.

3. Build relationships

Social media is not just about selling your product to your audience, but about engaging with them and building relationships with potential clients and staying top of mind.

4. You can target and retarget audiences

When advertising on social media you can target your customers by age, locations, interests, and more.

5. Develop brand loyalty

When you engage with your potential clients and build relationships with them, you’re showing your audience and potential customers that you care about their needs while gaining brand loyalty.

6. All businesses can use social media

Creating social media accounts are free, which makes it possible for businesses of any size to benefit from using social media.

7. More sales!

Advertising of social media will drive more sales and influencing potential customers to choose your brand over a different one.

8. Your competitors are on social media 

The chances are high that you have at least one competitor on social media where they’re top of mind with your potential clients.

9. It’s vital for customer service

Where’s the first place people go when they’re happy about service? Social media. And they expect you to answer as soon as possible as well. Being there to answer and resolve issues will promote a positive public image.

10. The ROI is unrivalled

When you boost your social media posts strategically and market the correct message, you can reach an even wider audience and drive even more potential customers to your website to achieve unbeatable ROI.

At Fuzion Digital, you’ll get the complete package when it comes to social media management and advertising. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.


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