Learn more about LinkedIn Employee Advocacy
May 2, 2019

Learn more about LinkedIn Employee Advocacy

Leverage LinkedIn Employee Advocacy to amplify your brand messaging and reach new audiences efficiently.

LinkedIn Employee Advocacy – Everyone knows LinkedIn, the popular social networking platform that connects the business world with potential job candidates for suitable job vacancies, however, the way that you use the platform plays a vital role in finding the best candidates for the right roles within your business. You need to know what to do so that you can effectively and efficiently attract the right applicants.

LinkedIn Employee Advocacy explained

The best way to ensure that you are maximising your candidate discovery efforts is to encourage your employees to be more involved and engage on the platform when it comes to company posts. Simply cutting and pasting pre-written messages is not the answer, however, the team at LinkedIn has been busy finding new and innovative ways to make this process a little easier. They are currently working on a variety of new company page features, such as merging its Elevate employee advocacy platform into its existing tools.

These new app additions have been able to assist scientific supplier Thermo Fisher Scientific in significantly boosting their recruitment and employer branding efforts. Adrienne Sullivan, the director of talent acquisition for Thermo Fisher Scientific, has commented saying that they have been receiving high-quality and highly experienced professionals engaging with their content and this has ultimately been leading to hires.

LinkedIn has explained that its employee advocacy platform was successful in bringing in new and consistent curated content from LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle. This allowed the employees to comment as well as share relevant posts which enhanced overall social activity, while simultaneously creating intentional, focused conversations around their work.

LinkedIn believes that this new and improved approach, which used Thermo’s employees to amplify key messaging, lead to a 62% increase in total reach for its posts. This method of being able to efficiently maximise key messaging could be a game-changer for your business and is most definitely worth considering in your approach.

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