LinkedIn launches Business Manager
June 14, 2022

LinkedIn launches Business Manager

LinkedIn launches Business Manager, streamlining tasks for large firms & agencies.

LinkedIn launches Business Manager – It can be extremely tough trying to balance the day-to-day realities of our jobs and careers, on top of trying to produce the best results. The team at LinkedIn has been listening and has come up with an exciting way to help make our jobs slightly easier.

LinkedIn has been working behind the scenes on a platform called LinkedIn Business Manager. This is a centralised platform used to help large companies and agencies manage their daily tasks. Business Manager simplifies how you keep track of your work by providing you with the tools for increased control and visibility, all from one central location. It is said that LinkedIn Business Manager will play a pivotal role in how we uncover strategic insights, therefore contributing towards making large-scale marketing more efficient.

With Business Manager, you can easily view and manage your entire team all from one main dashboard. By having all your business associates, employees, and your assets all in one combined space, you can effortlessly navigate across Business Manager, Campaign Manager, and Pages with ease.

In addition, you will reap the benefits of being able to free up time that was usually spent on administrative tasks and allow yourself more time to place focus on your campaign performance. With Business Manager, you can manage all user access across different accounts as well as download your monthly invoices, all from the same place!

With all these incredible functionalities, you ultimately benefit by being able to reach your intended buyers through sharing and updating Matched Audiences across all ad accounts. Business Manager was built with B2B (Business to Business) customers in mind so that they have the power to maximise efficiencies and start creating and executing engaging campaigns which will stand out from the crowd, all with no additional costs.

LinkedIn Business Manager is still in the process of being finalised to ensure that it lives up to all expectations and meets all your business needs. It is said that Business Manager will be made publicly available worldwide in the up-and-coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you need help optimising your business’s digital presence and improving workflow, contact Fuzion Digital today!

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