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March 15, 2021

10 Social Media marketing tips for the holiday season

Discover 10 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips to elevate your brand and engage with your audience effectively.

10 Social Media marketing tips for the holiday season – Every year, the holiday season seems to appear unexpectedly! Suddenly, you’re met with a whirlwind of enticing shopping deals and Christmas ads left and right.

The time between the beginning of the festive month and Christmas is a time of joy and togetherness, but at the same time it’s one of the greatest periods for deals, and it continues developing. Everybody, from huge brands to little, is competing for the same space across social media, trying to reach out to their customer audiences and prompt them to act.

So, if you’re looking to separate your brand from the competition and capture the festive spirit in your social media posts during the holidays, then here are 10 great suggestions for you!


List of 10 Social Media marketing tips for the holiday season


1. Run a poll

Polls are extraordinary on the grounds that they can be fun and festive, while additionally yielding practical and valuable results. You could start by comparing two products against each other or asking your followers for their opinion on something in the works.

2. Bring out the visuals

The spirit of Christmas is often visually represented by red and green festive decorations and magical images of a winter wonderland. Add pictures to your Facebook posts that mirror this, and tie in this subject with the substance you’re posting over the season.


3. Engage with your followers

If you’re already engaging with your followers and fans, bring some seasonal joy in with the general mish-mash. A little personalisation goes a long way. If you’re not actively engaging on social media, there’s no better time to begin!


4. Show off your holiday spirit

Engage with your audience by showing that you, or your brand, are just as up to date with the festive season as they are. You’ll get an audience that relates to you and is more likely to engage with this kind of content!

5. Do a giveaway

Everybody adores a decent giveaway, particularly around this season when individuals are purchasing presents for their friends and family! Think: What would you like to achieve by having a giveaway? Are you looking for a brand ambassador, to raise brand awareness or to grow an email list? Consider these things while figuring out what you’ll give away and how you’ll set up the parameters.

6. Maintain a theme

Serve your audience a consistent picture through the festive season by adhering to a subject, including colours and content. It doesn’t need to be exceptional, yet your topic ought to be significant!


7. Try your hand at vlogging

Give the gift of insight! It tends to be genuinely incredible to give individuals an insightful look into your brand, or one aspect of your organisation, by taking things behind the scenes and enabling viewers to connect with you on a more intimate level.

8. Show off your favourite holiday products

Try not to waver to give an additional branding push through the holidays! Highlight your very own items, your customers’ items, items you’re subsidiary with or items that make the occasions somewhat more splendid. Show people why they need them by telling a story of where they come into use, or by giving a little demo.


9. Promote a holiday solution

Do you have something to offer organisations? LinkedIn is a brilliant place to promote solutions for occupied representatives over a few fields. Ensure you’re tending to an issue or a need your objective market will have over the occasions and furnish an answer with your item!

10. Share a bit of wisdom

LinkedIn is a platform built on connections and personal experiences. Share relatable quotes from your company page or a story on your timeline to connect with others and drive engagement. Similarly, you can utilise this opportunity to feature the previous year and what’s to come in the following. Keep it short, significant and chipper.

Are you looking to for a solid social marketing campaign strategy for the new year? Contact us today.

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