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August 18, 2022

LinkedIn adds new link sticker option to help drive more traffic from in-App updates

Boost external traffic on LinkedIn with the new link sticker option. Drive clicks and engagement effortlessly.

LinkedIn has added yet another new way to drive external traffic. Their new link sticker option allows users to add images to their LinkedIn posts and allows them to place the sticker in the frame, which is also available in various sizes.

This link sticker is very similar to the one seen on Instagram and in Facebook stories, as it provides an easy and simple way to add a referral link to your updates. LinkedIn engagement is on the rise and has the potential to become a very valuable tool when wanting to drive traffic from your LinkedIn feed.

Users can find the link sticker among their post creation tools, which is shown by a chain link icon. At this stage of development, users will only be able to use this new link sticker on the mobile version of the app. The link sticker is quite limited when it comes to various colour options, meaning that there are none. However, you can add these links to both photo and video posts as well as being able to customize the look of the text based on the inserted link.

The link sticker is large, but this is a great feature to aid in driving awareness and could lead to more clicks while allowing users to be more creative when it comes to their LinkedIn content. This sticker is in the process of being rolled out worldwide, so keep your eyes peeled!

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