Blogging or Content Marketing
July 27, 2020

Blogging or Content Marketing?

Blogging or Content Marketing - Understanding the differences between these two approaches is crucial for successful online strategies.

Blogging or Content Marketing – If you’re a content marketer working in the industry it may be difficult to hear bloggers say they do the same job. While to the novice it may seem as they are practically the same, a lot more work goes into content marketing than a simple blog. This may seem funny because it’s a blog explaining the difference but keep in mind that blogging is a hard slug when it comes to making money but, yet content marketing can get you a yearly salary to smile about.

Key differences to understand the difference between blogging or content marketing.

Social Media

Let’s start with the world of Social media, Social media is one of the primary content-marketing tools. Most clients will directly seek out a content writer based on this, why? Because it means the message will be heard. Bloggers, on the other hand, are people who just have not grasped the idea of gaining a following or just have not put the effort in.


Most Blogs are topical and explain nothing put shared experience. Once the user has read the story what’s next? Content marketing is focused on the key aspect of the user journey, using subscriptions and freebies to entice the reader to become a buyer. Content marketing grows business, but blogging grows followers.

Seasonal Strategies

It easy to think this is coming up I better write a blog about it; the true art form of content writing is the ability to plan. Plan for next month, for an important event that ties to your brand. It’s about promoting yourself and tied your call to action.


Think about how many posts come out each day that you’re competing with? If you do not have SEO to help you jump ahead, it’s easy to say your time spent was not worth it. you should also always focus on keywords.

Content Marketers begin their writing process with keyword research on their topic, to find out what phrases are both popular and relatively easy to rank for. Then, they build them into fascinating headlines their readers will be unable to resist. Some can be a little bit too much clickbait, but it works.

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