LinkedIn Company Pages
June 6, 2021

Introducing new LinkedIn Company Pages features

LinkedIn Company Pages now feature post templates and link stickers, making content creation easier and more engaging.

LinkedIn has outlined its latest batch of updates for LinkedIn Company Pages, most of which had already been previewed in some capacity but are now being rolled out on a larger scale.

LinkedIn has introduced new features for company pages, such as post templates and link stickers. LinkedIn’s post templates, as they sound, provide a variety of visual enhancements for your LinkedIn updates, which helps them be more noticeable within the feeds.

What is new in LinkedIn Company Pages?

LinkedIn originally launched post templates for individual users last month, but now, it is making them available for Company Page updates. LinkedIn wants to make creating engaging, actionable content easier than ever with customisable templates, which are now available directly within the LinkedIn app, with no third-party tools required.

As many people are noticing, LinkedIn is becoming more and more like Facebook, focusing on personal posting instead of professional updates. This seems to be working as LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft, keeps reporting on ‘record levels of engagement within the app on a quarterly basis, so maybe this is a valuable addition.

We are going to hear how people feel about all the LinkedIn ‘thinkfluencers’ posting with the templates. You’ll be able to access post templates within the mobile app by tapping the ‘use template’ option within the post composer menu. Additionally, LinkedIn will be making its new link stickers to add to company pages too, to have more direct update responses.

The new rollout for link stickers and templates started last month, enabling users to pin the most engaged or best comment to their posts. That could be a good way to spark more focused engagement and highlight top fans, while you’ll also use this to easily boost interactions by pinning the comment with the most engagement at the top of the reply chain.

As a reminder, LinkedIn Company Pages may pin an update for similar purpose. Finally, LinkedIn has also added a replacement section for Company Pages, where brands are ready to showcase their most significant values.

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