How to create effective Facebook video ads
November 15, 2018

How to create effective Facebook video ads

Learn to create effective Facebook video ads to boost your traffic and sales with our expert tips!

Create effective Facebook video ads – If you are looking for an affordable way to generate leads and sales quickly, Facebook ads are a great option. To create them all you need is an image, a little copy and a link to the page you want to drive traffic to.

The only problem with creating image Facebook ads is that you need to restrict the amount of text on the image to less than 20%. Exceed this and the reach of your ad will be reduced and you won’t get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for an alternative ad option that lets you include more text you should try video ads instead, as Facebook doesn’t limit the amount of overlay text that can be added here.

Another incentive to run video ads is that they tend to outperform image ads. Agorapulse tested this by running a small ad campaign on Facebook. They used one video ad and one image ad linking back to the same page. The video ad generated 26 new trials for their product, while the photo ad generated only 14.

If you are looking to create Facebook video ads to drive more traffic and sales, continue reading. I will cover everything from creating the ads to setting it up on Facebook.

How to create effective Facebook video ads

While creating your Facebook ad video, you have 2 options: record something or use a video editor and create an animated version.

There are many video editing tools available (just Google it). There are 4 video formats: Full HD Video, Animated post, Instagram stories, and Facebook video cover.

If you want to just create an ad that will appear in the feed, you can go with Full HD video. This should work for Instagram ads as well. But if you want to create a video ad for Facebook stories too you can use Instagram stories. This lets you create vertical video ads for both Instagram and Facebook stories.

Regardless, make sure to browse and select a template that will suit your ad message and brand best. Make sure you have a clear, engaging and straightforward copy that will capture your audience’s attention. You will have more room to add text so keep each clip short.

Test out the speed and message of the video by making someone else watch it. See if they were able to clearly understand your message. If not, go back and edit some more until you get your perfect video.

A big thing to keep in m ind

The quality of your ad matters. Facebook recently announced new restrictions and increased penalties for brands that publish ‘low quality’ ads.

What qualifies as a ‘low quality’ ad?

  • Engagement bait – Those “like this” or “share this” ads.
  • Withholding information – A teaser that doesn’t share enough information. These are often spam.
  • Sensationalised language – Ads using exaggerated headlines or command a reaction from people but don’t deliver on the landing page.

Basically, be mindful of your content and copy. Let us help you elevate your Facebook Videos, contact us today.

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