4 Ways Social Media videos can benefit your business
November 8, 2018

4 Ways Social Media videos can benefit your business

Maximise engagement and brand awareness with captivating Social Media video content!

What marketing goals are you trying to accomplish when creating social media video content? With everyone sharing their specific marketing goals, we were able to see that video content helps businesses reach a variety of different goals.

The four main goals are: engagement, brand awareness, increasing web traffic, and generating excitement and educating people about products/services. Here is what you need to know about each marketing goal.

4 Ways Social Media videos can benefit your business

1. Engagement

Engagement is a great way to connect with your audience on a more relatable level. Posts with high engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.) are also more likely to spread and be seen by other people with similar interests as your already-existing audience.

2. Brand awareness

Brand awareness isn’t something you can measure but if you have lots of people sharing your video and/or more people than usual are visiting your Page, website, landing page (via your campaign link or not) you can assume this new level of traction is building your brand awareness.

3. Increasing web traffic

Supposedly web traffic is the #1 reason people are using video in social media ads this year. This is a clear and easily-measurable goal.

4. Generating excitement and educating people about products/services

This is another one that is difficult to measure, but also an excellent way for people to use video. Videos give you more time and space to get your message across. You can show a new product from every angle or use text to tell a story throughout your video.

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