How Emoji usage has evolved allowing brand discovery
April 21, 2019

How Emoji usage has evolved allowing brand discovery

Emojis' evolution aids brand discovery, enhancing communication and fostering connections with audiences.

How Emoji usage has evolved allowing brand discovery – Today, the use of emojis is highly popular and is used by almost everybody, with these little characters providing immediate and clear context, helping to both reduce keystrokes and add perspective, in a way that plain text simply can’t.

And soon, you’ll have seen more means of emoji expression, with the Unicode consortium approving a spread of emoji additions, including maracas, jellyfish, geese and more.

How Emoji usage has evolved allowing brand discovery

How are people currently using emoji characters? This week, Adobe released its annual Emoji Trend Report from which they conducted a survey of over 5000 emoji users within the US. They were told how, when, and why they’re posting emojis.

It was recorded that the most popular emojis used within the USA are the crying laughing face, which has also been among the foremost popular emojis on Twitter for the last two years.

Emoji usage is continuously evolving, with respondents indicating that the correct emoji, within the right context, may be a valuable professional addition. This makes even more sense after you look at emoji usage by generation. As emoji usage becomes more embedded and a more commonly used communication device, that, of course, will see it spill over into another context. And while it should not seem professional to chuck in smiley faces at the top of an email, interestingly, that is how people are communicating with one another.

An important context for brands to contemplate – not only are younger audiences more receptive to emojis as a communication device, but innovative emoji uses, like shopping with emoji characters, could even be a valuable means to become united with your audience and build a community around your brand.

73% of emoji users in USA think people who use emojis are friendlier, funnier and cooler than those who don’t. When it comes to emoji characters being used, text messages are by far the most popular- followed by Facebook comments and other social apps.

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