Instagram highlights recommended posts
August 18, 2022

How Instagram highlights recommended posts

Discover how Instagram highlights recommended posts in your feed and maximises user engagement. Stay updated with Fuzion Digital.

Instagram highlights recommended posts – Instagram has recently shared an updated overview of how it ranks content that shows up under “suggested posts” or the posts which you view on your personal Instagram feed.

This is a result of Instagram using more AI-based content recommendations in its users’ feeds. This sparked anger and frustration in many users and Instagram has since reduced this type of content, while they work on ways to refine their algorithm. On the other hand, Instagram has stated that they see this as a key feature moving forward, as it will aid in maximising user engagement.

Instagram’s main aim is to try and replicate human discovery and curiosity using AI features, to increase user engagement. With that being said, their post recommendations fall into two categories, Connected and Unconnected. Unconnected refers to the posts that Instagram’s systems find and highlight, which are based on the user’s interests.

The main aim here is to try and replicate the look and feel of posts and various profiles which the user has followed on the platform. Instagram is purposefully showcasing recommendations that you see when scrolling in your main feed, and therefore these recommendations should similarly replicate the posts of the type of accounts users follow and the type of posts they are sharing.

Additionally, Instagram has shifted focus to video content on the app and is trying to insert more video clips and Reels into users’ feeds, which has been part of a recent experiment. They want to build onto the user’s already visible interests.

Marketers can take some notes here as Instagram tries to recommend content that is similar to the accounts that they already follow. It may be beneficial for businesses to do some of their research into what other brands in specific industries are sharing.

The element of ‘freshness’ is key. This means that regular posting is necessary to ensure that you’re maximising your opportunities. It is important to keep in mind how Reels have become one of the main focuses, therefore businesses should incorporate Reels into their content as much as possible. Instagram is trying to make its feed recommendations feel as personalised to each user as possible., therefore aligning with their specific likes and interests.

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