Pinterest Trends tool update
July 19, 2021

Pinterest Trends tool update: Find out what insights Pinterest has provided marketers

Discover the latest with Pinterest Trends tool update - enhanced insights for marketers to maximise their Pinterest strategy.

Pinterest has announced a brand new Pinterest Trends tool update, which is aimed at assisting marketers with further insights and information into the newest shifts and opportunities within the app, while at the same time Pinterest has launched a new API for conversions, providing additional Pin shopping data for retailers.

On the revamped Pinterest Trends – new trend shortcuts have been added to the main page, making is much easier for users to find crucial information on the newest trends in the app. The new Pinterest Trends UI provides immediate access to data reports and notes – which may assist marketers in driving their strategic business decisions.

What the new Pinterest trends tool update offers:

  • Trends their followers love – This widget on the homepage of Pinterest Trends allows advertisers to see what’s been trending with their engaged followers over the previous 90 days
  • Trends by demographics – Pinterest Trends also enable advertisers to filter by various categories, such as age, content, time and place
  • Seasonal trends – New seasonal trend insights will enable advertisers be more aligned with content and marketing timetables as to when Pinners are most engaged with other topics.

In addition, Pinterest is also expanding its access to Pinterest Trends to 30 countries and will be available in 22 languages across the globe. It’s a handy insights tool and will be a valuable for marketers who wish to uncover new opportunities to connect with their target segment in the app.

The Pinterest API for conversions provides an additional way for advertisers to track their Pinterest performance, based on data for sales recorded outside of the app.

Both updates could give value for marketers, in different ways. And with Pinterest seeing an increase in interest of late, the signs do indicate that Pinterest is going to be a popular gift-buying destination this Christmas!

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