PPC trends in 2021
September 24, 2021

7 Critical PPC trends in 2021 – Part 2

Discover the latest PPC trends in 2021 to boost your online advertising strategy and outshine your competitors! (Part 2)

7 Critical PPC trends in 2021 – Welcome to Part 2 of our breakdown of critical PPC trends to watch in 2021. If you’ve missed Part 1, you can find it here: https://fuziondigital.co.za/our-blog/3-critical-ppc-trends-in-2021-part-1/

7 Critical PPC trends in 2021

4. Comparison

At this point in your customer’s journey, they know what they want and what offerings best work for them. They likely have a good grasp of pricing and product reviews already so now our goal is to ensure they are targeted by PPC remarketing banners. It’s all about staying top of mind.

5. Conversion

It is now time to seal the deal. Our customers now know what they want and where they can get it so we need to give them a strong call to action to seal the deal. Ensuring a strong CTA gives you the best chance of completing a sale

6. Re-engagement

So you’ve completed a sale and have a happy customer. What’s next? You have to keep them your customer. Segment customers who have already bought from you into a separate audience list and keep a constant stream of remarketing ads going to them to keep you top of mind, there should be no doubt of where they need to go the next time they need assistance.

7. Automation will play a crucial role

The automation market is on the rise worldwide. Demand is expected to rise anywhere from 71.5% to 83.2% by the end of 2021.

Three Critical PPC Trends to Watch for in 2021 Pt. 2.1

Making use of AI and machine learning one can now automate many of the labour-intensive tasks that would take up your time trying to optimise each of your ads. Going forward these systems will be used to optimize ads in the following ways,

  • Finding the best bidding strategy
  • Creating bids to get maximum conversions
  • Enhance cost per click by looking for ad auctions
  • Monitor the ad performance and stop low-performing ads
  • Prioritize the ads that are generating top results
  • Generate ads dynamically using user behaviour and website content
  • Generate ad performance reports dynamically
  • Generate ad data and create ad copies to generate maximum clicks

The more you make use of AI systems the better they learn what your audience is looking for in an ad. This will prove invaluable to improving PPC campaigns performance.

In 2021 you are going to need to bring you’re A-game when it comes to PPC advertising but known your customers buying journey and making use of automation and AI give you the edge to seal the deal! We can help you get started, contact us today to find out more.

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Mar 25, 2021

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