Conversions and Key Events in Google Analytics
April 2, 2024

Conversions changed to Key Events in Google Analytics

Google rebrands Conversions to Key Events in Google Analytics, causing a stir among marketers.

Welcome to the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Google Analytics updates: Key Events in Google Analytics are undergoing a makeover.

Picture this: You stroll into work after a long weekend, armed with a steaming cup of coffee. You fire up your browser, ready to dive into your Analytics reports only to discover… gasp… your Conversions have vanished from your Google Analytics dashboard!?! 😱

Yes, Google has struck again, shaking up the standard marketing terminology that we all know and love, leaving many marketing pros spilling their morning brew in disbelief. The culprit? Google’s decision to rebrand the familiar “Conversions” metric as “Key Events.”

Google has changed Conversions to Key Events in Google Analytics

But why the sudden change? This alteration stems from discrepancies between conversion numbers in Google Ads and Google Analytics, caused by factors like Look Back window settings and attribution models. To address this, Google has renamed “Conversions” to “Key Events” in Analytics.

Fear not, Conversions still have a home in Google Analytics, but now only for events also imported as Conversions in Google Ads. For a deeper dive into the rationale behind this change and a comprehensive guide, check out Analytics Mania’s insightful video:


Let’s delve into where you can locate these new Key Events.

Simply navigate to your settings within your Google Analytics account, then head to Property Settings > Data Display. In your Analytics reports, you’ll notice “Key events” instead of “Conversions.”

Conversions and Key Events in Google Analytics

Not seeing this change on your dashboard? Just be patient as Google is actively rolling out this update over the next couple of weeks.

Looking ahead, you can quickly check in on Conversions which can be done in the Google Ads advertising workspace, while comprehensive analyses of all Key Events await you in various reports within Google Analytics. To find out more about this change, have a look at the official Google Analytics documentation.

Need a hand navigating these changes and setting up robust performance reports to track your new Key Events as KPIs for your Conversions? Look no further! Contact us today for a free consultation, or discover how running Google Ads with us can supercharge your business revenue.

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