YouTube advertising
August 17, 2022

5 benefits of YouTube advertising

Maximise your reach and engagement with YouTube advertising. Target your audience effectively and boost your brand visibility.

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing sites in the world. Whoever uses the Internet is most likely going to know about YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google, and hence is a highly popular online marketing site. But how can you as an advertiser make the most from YouTube advertising?

One of the mains benefits of advertising with YouTube is that it is not very expensive. Payments are based on user clicks on your ad or it plays for a specified number of seconds. Video consumption has been on the rise for quite some time. However, the idea of advertising on a video platform such as YouTube remains confusing to many businesses.

Unlike traditional (radio, television, or print) channels of advertising, running an ad on YouTube allows you to connect with potential customers in a memorable way at the exact moment they perform a keyword search related to your business.

5 Benefits of YouTube Advertising

  1. Target The Right Audience
    With over one billion unique visits to the site, you can reach a varied worldwide audience. You can also specify criteria such as demographics, age, location, access devices and interest to target the correct users for your ads.
  2. Duration Of Campaign
    Unlike other marketing channels, which require you to provide a start and end date for your ads, YouTube allows you to run your ads forever. Thus, no matter when someone in your target audience searches any video in the site, your ad will be ready to be seen by him/her.
  3. Access To Social Media
    YouTube comes with a video sharing feature to other websites. In other words when someone shares a video to other social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and the video contains your ad, your message will reach even more people.
  4. Gain Feedback
    Viewers can comment about your ad in the comment section below the video. By seeing and incorporating useful comments, you can better tailor your ads to attract more people.
  5. Greater Visibility
    Google owns YouTube and video hosted there are always ranked high in search results. People are likely to click on videos that come up in the results, and if your ad is in it, then you may strike gold.

The benefits of advertising on YouTube far outweigh any reservations you may have about incorporating video ads into your marketing strategy. To completely make use of these benefits, it is important you take the time to focus on creating a video ad that is creative and personal and to the point as viewers don’t enjoy the long dragged out story. Make a video that will resonate with your target audience and will motivate them to share it with others.

Are you ready to enhance your brand exposure with YouTube advertising? We can help you! We offer video creation, editing, content writing and online advertising. Want to find out more? reach out to us today to get started.

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