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August 29, 2022

Unlock maximum Instagram reach with Reels: A proven strategy

Boost your Instagram reach with Reels - the latest trend in video content!

It is no secret that Instagram has been placing a huge focus on video content lately for maximum reach with reels. This is due to the fact that video engagement has been on the rise and so they have been leaning more into this trend to try and stay up to date with what their users want and what they are showing interest in.

A new report conducted by HypeAuditor has provided some interesting insights into the different types of content and how they have been performing on the app. They analyzed a total of 77.6 million Instagram posts during the month of July 2022 and found the following results:

  • Image posts remain the most posted content on Instagram, making up 42% of all posts
  • Despite Reels being the third most popular content type on Instagram, they are leading with the most reach
  • Reels have been receiving the most of likes, while image posts are still leading in the comments section

To conclude, the report has shown that Reels are the best option when wanting to maximise reach and engagement. If you are still not very familiar with Reels and how they work, then this could be the perfect opportunity to dive into Reels content and really run your own experiments to determine the types of responses you would receive.

Meta generally knows what they are doing and talking about, so it may be well worth considering making use of Reels content in your Instagram marketing strategy moving forward!

Contact us today for more information on how you can incorporate compelling and visually appealing Reels into your strategy. Grow your reach with Fuzion Digital today!


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