Youtube Shorts user engagement
November 12, 2021

1.5 Billion Youtube Shorts user engagement monthly

YouTube Shorts user engagement skyrockets with over 1.5 billion monthly views, signalling the rise of short-form video content.

1.5 Billion Youtube Shorts user engagement monthly – TikTok has had a major impact on the social media landscape and media consumption habits in general.

Short form video has become one of the latest crazes on social media platforms world-wide. YouTube has recently revealed that their popular YouTube Shorts are watched by over 1.5 billion logged-in users per month, which is a huge amount considering that their total monthly logged-in audience is 2 billion users.

A study conducted by Inmar Intelligence has found that 70% of all internet watch short-form videos on a regular basis.  Once again, the power and influence of TikTok has led the way for many other platforms, successfully picking up on what Vine had started and then amplifying it even more for the new generation.

Why did Vine not succeed?

Compared to TikTok, Vine did not have the same smart algorithms which are available today. TikTok’s system is especially successful for being able to adapt on the fly. Another difference is that user consumption habits have drastically changed – so while Vine had a loyal following, far more people have now adapted their engagement habits, with short form video becoming the best option for limited attention spans.

You may find yourself becoming more impatient when watching longer videos as a result of being too accustomed to watching shorter clips and videos, such as on TikTok. It seems that the newer generations tend to prefer watching fast paced clips and snippets.

Once again, this underlines the value of replication in the social media space. As a video platform you would kick yourself if you ignored this trend, as your users are constantly evolving, and so you need to be able to be flexible and adapt to meet their ever-changing needs.

Those who are leaning in and paying attention to the trends and what their users want are reaping the benefits. YouTube has also reported that creators who upload both Shorts and longer content are seeing a better overall watch time and subscriber growth.

It is important that you factor these insights into your content planning so that you can maximise the performance of your efforts. Let us help you reach your performance goals today. Contact us for a free consultation.

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