Brands leveraging TikTok
June 14, 2022

Gen Z Appeal: Home appliance brands leveraging TikTok

Home appliance brands are now leveraging TikTok to reach young, tech-savvy consumers.

Brands leveraging TikTok – A new ad for a vacuum cleaner, named “Leave Dust in the Dust” from LG, has aired showing how its new features enhance family happiness. The song “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins used to be a huge hit in the 80s, now marketing executives are hoping that it will appeal to Gen Z and the younger generation.

Today, home appliance brands are making use of these out-of-the-box strategies in trying to market to this group, as well as by using home influencers to engage with customers through how-to videos. Gen Z’s are making their purchase decisions based on brand purpose and values. Smart appliances are merging with marketing content to appeal to young and tech-savvy consumers.

The number of connected and smart appliances has increased due to customers looking for innovative products with maximum efficiency. Big brands are trying to increase their market share in the US home appliance market, such as Whirlpool – the largest company in the market. Consumers are attracted to products with recognisable names as major appliances are quite costly.

The target group is young, and some may not be homeowners, however, it is important for brands to build awareness now to appeal to these same customers one day when they will need to purchase appliances. The bar is set higher with this generation and brands are spending more money to create cutting-edge technology.

Five years ago, Whirlpool acquired recipe search engine, Yummly, which they now use to create recipe content that pairs with their connected devices, such as an oven being set at the preferred temperature via a mobile device.

Whirlpool is gaining traction through its social channels, such as their TikTok account, proving that embracing digital marketing has been a huge success for them. Younger shoppers are more aware of the state of the planet and prove their care and concern through their purchases by supporting sustainable and eco-friendly brands.

Another strategy is enticing consumers to buy before an old appliance breaks. Consumers are willing to invest in a new appliance before they need to as the new product will help them live to their values.

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