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September 8, 2023

Search queries expanded: TikTok enhances advertisers’ ability to display ads

Unlock TikTok's 'Search Ads Toggle' for expanded search queries, reach and engagement for optimal campaign performance in a dynamic digital landscape.

TikTok is seeking to make it easier for companies to tap into the app’s search queries interest with a new “Search Ads Toggle” in ad campaigns, which, when engaged, will ensure that your advertisements are eligible to be featured in related search queries on the app.

Display ads in search queries

The procedure is straightforward. You’ll now find a new toggle in the “Placements” part of the ad setup process that allows you to turn on search results.

The toggle will be turned on by default, so you’ll only need to be aware of it if you don’t want your in-feed advertising to appear in related searches. Which I’m not sure why you wouldn’t, given this would likely show a high level of interest in a relevant issue. However, if you prefer to limit your advertising to in-feed placement, you can uncheck the setting.

According to TikTok, the new option allows marketers to easily broaden the reach of their ads to “high-intent users who are seeking information relevant to their business, driving incremental engagement and revenue potential.”

TikTok further states that advertisers will be able to activate the Search Ads Toggle during campaign development or mid-flight, although activating the Search Ads Toggle for an already running campaign will not restart the learning phase.

It could be a good approach to improve the performance of your TikTok campaign, and with TikTok becoming a more popular destination for product discovery, rivalling traditional search in many ways, there’s clearly a lot of scope for in-search result display. Let us help you reach the top of the search results, contact us and start your content transformation today!

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