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April 29, 2022

Twitter launches new brand connect playbook

Enhance your marketing strategy with Twitter's Brand Connect Playbook - your ultimate guide to ad success!

If you are an avid marketer, you will be pleased to know that Twitter has recently launched a “Brand Connect Playbook” feature, allowing you to give your marketing efforts a boost and help you to make the most of all the opportunities the app has to offer.

Twitter’s new Brand Connect Playbook

The new playbook features a full, in-depth guide consisting of 45 pages, which demonstrates step-for-step how to use Twitter’s ad formats and various ad tools. This playbook also provides handy notes on the platform’s overall audience, and best practices, and offers case studies with valuable learnings.

As we all know, there are multiple aspects to consider when you are organising, strategising, and setting up a social campaign. Twitter has stated that its new playbook is overflowing with the best data, lessons, and tips shared by its very own marketing team, allowing you to use this information to ensure that your ads will be a success.

The guide opens with an overview of Twitter’s usage, along with some of the key benefits used for brand engagement. The guide then highlights some of Twitter’s advertising elements, showing how and where each element fits into the traditional sales funnel approach. In addition to this, the guide provides in-depth insights into brand messaging, up-and-coming trends, and engagement pertaining to events.

The case study notes are particularly helpful as they provide a deeper understanding of how you should apply and implement these learnings into your own strategies. Twitter also shares a more detailed overview of its various ad options and the specific benefits of each of these ads.

Moving further into the guide, Twitter shares its best practices, including a wide variety of ways you can improve and make the most of your targeted messaging and ad bidding. This guide proves to be a valuable asset in the sense that it provides great insights and rich information in order to help you create and implement successful ad campaigns.

If you believe that you have a firm grip on Twitter and all its functionalities, you may want to think again. This guide can help you drastically improve your marketing approach and may even highlight things that you have missed or overlooked.

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