Instagram's New Hashtag Limits
February 28, 2024

Instagram’s new hashtag limits – what you need to Know

Unlock the secrets of Instagram's new hashtag limits! Learn how this change impacts your tagging strategy and discover effective alternatives for visibility.

Instagram’s New Hashtag Limits – This recent development on Instagram is quite interesting. Reports show that the platform is experimenting with limiting the number of hashtags users can include in their posts, with a maximum of five tags per update.

For instance, Instagram expert Jenn Herman shared an example where users encountered a pop-up notification restricting them from adding more hashtags within the post caption. This move aligns with Meta’s decision to restrict the number of tags in its Threads app, aiming to reduce spamming activities by limiting tags to just one per post.

The motivation behind this limitation seems reasonable, as spammers often exploit popular tags to gain visibility in search streams. However, users have found workarounds by adding more tags in the first comment, which can still boost reach in certain cases.

It remains uncertain if Instagram will also limit the discovery value of hashtags posted within comments or comments made by the creator. Such a change would significantly impact the tagging strategy for users.

How will the new hashtag limits effect your business?

Regardless, businesses should focus on using the right hashtags for their content and opt for more specific, targeted tags for each update. While five hashtags may be enough, widespread implementation of this limit could alter the posting process and tag usage strategies.

This hashtag limitation might signal a shift in the value of hashtags, suggesting that social platform algorithms are becoming more skilled at categorising content without manual tags.

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