importance of call tracking
March 7, 2018

The importance of call tracking?

Maximise marketing ROI: Importance of call tracking. Know which campaigns drive calls for better insights and results.

The importance of call tracking – How awesome would it be if you could see from which marketing mediums your customers are calling your business? Fuzion Digital makes it all possible!

“Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.” – Brian Molko

Call tracking can be used as a method to track the performance of your marketing efforts as well as to review your staff. With call tracking, you will be able to establish which marketing campaigns, website pages, online channels and printed media are driving phone calls and creating conversations.

Call tracking lets you track two things: how many calls the different arms of your ad campaign are producing, and how large a fraction of your advertising budget each call represents.

The importance of call tracking and how it works

Typically, a call tracking service will work like this:

  1. Two tracking code snippets are added to your website;
  2. The first piece of code would replace the display of your old static phone number to ensure that each unique visitor session on your website views a unique phone number that is retrieved from a pool of phone numbers allocated to your website by your call tracking provider;
  3. The second piece of code is a standard JavaScript tracking code that is placed on every page to record each session and deposit a cookie to the users sessions;
  4. Most call tracking providers offer length of call goal tracking; a call that is less than 2 minutes for instance might be a cold inbound-call and not relevant; However, if most new lead calls tend to be over 5 minutes, then a lead call tracking goal could be attributed to such calls;
  5. If you had 3 visitors on your website – Visitors A, B and C and visitor B gave your company a ring using the unique phone number available to her session, the JavaScript tracking code for her session would be passed on to your call tracking dashboard.

Call tracking can actually be more focused. Most marketers know how to use Facebook’s built-in metrics to find out what time of day or day of the week they get most engagement. When it comes to evaluating a time sensitive advertising channel like Paid Per Click, call tracking can be used to show what time of day you get most calls, and what time of day you get most purchases.

What type of data does call tracking provide?

  • Number of calls
  • Number of NEW calls
  • Call duration
  • Call location
  • Landing page performance
  • Cost of your results

You’re able to see which pages:

  • Prompt the most calls
  • Bring in more qualified leads
  • Result in more new customers

So why does your company need a call tracking plan? As the world continually becomes more mobile, phone calls remain an integral part of doing business. Knowing which of your advertising efforts are driving people to call you is the key to maximising your marketing return. Contact Fuzion Digital today and we will assist you.

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