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August 18, 2022

Google launches update to Google tag process to assist businesses with tracking site performance

Tracking site performance with Google's latest tools, adapting to upcoming changes in cookie tracking for accurate data.

Along with the upcoming changes to cookie tracking, marketers will need to continuously adapt their approach with regards to digital tagging for tracking site performance using the latest tools.

Google is always finding new ways to improve Tag Manager, by adding new tagging options which will help users to track their program in one centralised place. The new Google tag update will allow marketers to use one single tag, as well as re-use the tag, which is built above the existing gtag.js implementation. This is to measure more elements and impacts.

The Google tag will provide new capabilities and functionality to help users do more, improve the quality of data and adopt new features, without the need for more code. Less code makes it easier for those who are not very familiar with technology to update their tracking process using the latest tools. Marketers can now combine multiple web event tags and manage them within the Google tag dashboard in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Now that it has been made easier to set up site wide tagging, users can increase the number of tagged pages with consistent configuration. By doing this, you can improve overall measurement which will ultimately lead to better quality customer insights. Another new feature is that you can manage user access to your tag settings across multiple products in one centralised place, to allow you better control over user accessibility.

In addition, Google is finding ways to make it easier for users to install a new Google tag without needing code. This is seen as quite an important update as Google is wanting to phase out cookie tracking within the next two years.

With the evolving user privacy rules and expectations, more platforms are having to adapt their user setting and set-ups to comply with what is needed, which is why users will need to adjust their tracking processes through the latest tools and program updates.

It is worth understanding and looking into these updated tracking processes so that you do not fall behind.

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