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August 20, 2022

Google enhances algorithm for more accurate search results

Google enhances search snippets for more accurate search results, reducing misinformation spread.

Google is wanting to reduce the spread of misinformation by adding improved contextual data matching for search snippets to assist users in choosing the most accurate search results.

Their new AI system double-checks stated facts and then claims for use in snippets, which will improve the overall accuracy of the displayed search results. Google has also noticed how its systems are becoming more aware of when a snippet doesn’t provide relevant context or information. Snippets are helpful in the sense that they provide immediate answers for those who are searching for results, but at the same time reduces the need for users to click through to the actual website. This shows how this is not very helpful when your business is reliant on search referrals to get users to view their content.

Google has stated that they are wanting to help searchers by providing them with more context around why specific results are displayed. This update will provide additional information on how widely a specific source has been circulated, information on online reviews, and information on site ownership.

This will provide the searcher with valuable context on the information presented, influencing the searcher’s view on how accurate the listed information actually is. In addition, Google is going to expand its “Content Advisory” warnings on various search results in cases when the system is not entirely confident in the quality of the results.

Instead of indicating that there is no helpful information available or that the search results are of low quality, it will simply add better context regarding the entire set of results displayed on the page. It has become common for users to turn to web sources when wanting to clarify facts, therefore information accuracy is extremely important.

Social media has provided users with the power to openly and publicly broadcast anything to the entire world at the press of a button, which is one of the reasons why users are less likely to trust online media outlets for factual information.

It has become more difficult to determine fact from fiction, therefore Google is trying to gain trust from its users by ensuring their search results are as accurate and as factual as possible.

These mentioned features and additions were implemented by Google to better align their search results with trusted sources.

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