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October 30, 2020

Writing client Instagram conversion captions in 7 easy steps

Craft compelling Instagram conversion captions to captivate and convert your audience into loyal customers.

Instagram conversion captions – Quality visuals are not enough with over 25 million company accounts competing for publicity on Instagram. You’ll need convincing captions that stop scrollers in their tracks to turn users into customers and inspire them to learn more.

How to write good Instagram conversion captions for clients

1. Know the target audience

Instagram offers analytics for Business Profiles that you can use to help tailor your marketing strategy with the client. This will ensure your captions resonate with current and potential customers.

2. Study the brand voice and use a consistent tone

While the Instagram platform lends itself to a light-hearted tone, the client’s social copy should still reflect the brand’s personality. To ensure a tailored approach, without compromising authenticity, familiarize yourself with the tone of voice of your client. Remain consistent. Each caption should sound like it’s coming from the brand itself.

3. Keep post length in mind

Instagram captions can be as long as 2,200 characters. When writing for clients, however, less is enough. Instagram will shorten the text after the first 125 characters and users will have to tap more to show the full description. So, it’s best to keep a two-to-three-line copy.

4. Make sure the first sentence is attention-grabbing

A few ways to grab attention include:

  • Using second-person narrative when referring to followers to personalize the interaction
  • Posing a thought
  • provoking question
  • Triggering an emotional response through a storytelling narrative
  • Adding a hard-hitting, relevant statistic

5. Include a strong Call-To-Action

Here are a few ways you can implement a strong call-to-actions (CTA):

  • Encourage Comments
  • Ask Followers to Tag a Friend
  • Direct Users to the Bio

6. Add any branded and relevant hashtags

Unlike general descriptive hashtags, branded hashtags are unique searchable keywords directly relating to the client’s brand. It’s an essential marketing tactic to increase brand awareness, improve social listening, and easily track engagements.

7. Use a social media scheduling tool to plan out and edit content

Fanbooster by Traject allows you to plan, review, schedule, and publish content all in one place. You can even add a geolocation to your posts from within the software. Strong Instagram captions have the power to raise interaction, increase brand recognition, and drive your customers’ website traffic. While the process may seem challenging at first, the tips above will ensure you’re writing captions that convert.

Do you require writing for your content? At Fuzion Digital we have highly skilled content writers that can deliver. Reach out today to find out how we can help you write the best content for your brand.

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