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December 1, 2020

Digital platform’s position during the COVID-19 pandemic

Digital platform's position during COVID-19: Exploring how social media shapes pandemic discourse and public response.

Digital platform’s position during the COVID-19 pandemic – In December 2019 the coronavirus pandemic started in China and has grown into a worldwide problem unlike anything any of us have ever seen before, turning our world upside down.

We can go on with details about the virus, but odds are, we would be repeating most of the information you have already heard and seen. It’s time for a different conversation – lets talk about the digital landscape.

Digital platform’s position during COVID-19

Social media is one of the best ways to share news, it may even be the only way for some people. It is a great source to alert people of something serious in a very quick manner. Whether the COVID-19 news from individual states or news on a national scope, social media gets the message where it needs to go.

We have seen pretty much everything in terms of the coronavirus over the last weeks like the number of people being affected by the illness and how the situation has been constantly deteriorating the sense of normalcy across the nation.

Social media has also educated us about the symptoms of COVID-19, in turn, perhaps saving lives! It is also used to spread safety tips. One, in particular, is the term “social distancing.” According to John Hopkins Medicine, the act of social distancing involves “deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness.” It is also suggested to stay at least six feet away from people to lessen your chances of catching COVID-19.

Maybe the best thing that has happened across a variety of social media platforms is the number of professional athletes, celebrities, and influencers that have spoken up urging people to take everything they see about COVID-19 seriously. Whether it’s Tom Hanks who suffered from the illness himself or other high-profile figures quarantining themselves, people are more inclined to listen when one of these figures speaks out or shares a message through social media.

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