YouTube handles
February 5, 2021

Everything you need to know about YouTube handles

Introducing YouTube handles: Your unique ID on the platform for better recognition and connection.

You may have heard that YouTube has introduced new YouTube handles, but may be wondering what a handle is in the first place.

A YouTube handle is something that is unique to the creator, which allows you to identify a specific creator on the platform. A handle is very different from a channel name. Your new handle will be integrated into your channel URL.

It is most likely that your personalised URL will become your new YouTube handle. The purpose of the handle is to direct users to your channel when they are not physically on the YouTube platform. For example, if your handle is @fuzion797, this means that your URL will become

Benefits of having YouTube handles

Having a YouTube handle will help you to get noticed in YouTube Shorts, it will allow you to identify yourself in a unique way and people will be able to tag you in videos. You will also allow people to find you more easily on YouTube as well as can connect with others in the YouTube community.

YouTube handles will be gradually rolled out in the coming weeks and when it is, it will be found in the Shorts tab, in the search results, and appear in the comments and mentions. Your handles will appear in even more places across YouTube.

All users should receive a YouTube notification when they can choose a handle. For those users who already have a personalised YouTube URL, it will automatically become your handle. If you try to choose your preferred handle but are not able to, it means that the selected handle might already exist or that it does not meet YouTube’s handle selection guidelines.

This is a great new addition from YouTube, these handles will work wonders for your social media engagement and reach!

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