Why your business needs Facebook
April 14, 2020

Why your business needs Facebook

Why your business needs Facebook: Reach billions, lower expenses, gain insights. Start now!

Why your business needs Facebook – There are multiple social media platforms out there, each platform captivates its own audience, and caters to a specific demographic of people.

Instagram is for the creative millennial, Twitter supports a little bit of everything, and LinkedIn is considered a business platform, but where does Facebook fit into the mix?

Since most people are already on Facebook, it is easier to write a review about a business on a familiar platform. Along with providing a simple way for consumers to communicate with different brands. Facebook has many other qualities that are beneficial to any business.

Reasons why your business needs Facebook

Reach billions of potential customers

Facebook demographics reach further and wider than any other social media network. Latest figures show that more than 2.45 billion people log in to the platform every month.

Lower your marketing expenses

It cost R0 to set up a Facebook business page, so why not have one! There are opportunities to spend money to further your online reach and success, but it is not mandatory.

Creating a Facebook ad can be extremely beneficial to growing your exposure. By choosing a target audience of potential new customers, Facebook pushes your ad to a whole new set of eyes – this plays a crucial role in the growth of your page and business.

Gain insights on your audience

Like mentioned above, a target audience is a great way to reach new customers. Facebook offers insights on these audience, that is important and easier to understand. Metrics like Page Views, Post Reach, New Page Likes and much more are available for review, you can find these metrics on your page overview.

Get your business page started on Facebook, the platform is highly beneficial and a great addition to your marketing strategy. Let us help you grow your digital presence online, contact us today for a free consultation.

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