LinkedIn repost engagement options
August 2, 2022

LinkedIn repost engagement options: Making it default for all reposts

Discover LinkedIn repost engagement options - a powerful tool to boost reach and engagement on the platform.

LinkedIn repost engagement options feature could be a great way to alert your various networks about emerging job opportunities or industry-specific trend reports. On the other hand, this could prove to be problematic as it can easily and rapidly be used to amplify criticisms and negative comments on the platform.

LinkedIn repost engagement options in action

LinkedIn is looking to make “Repost” a default option, even having its own icon which will be seen along the bottom function bar on each post. The current “Share” option allows users to repost the update or share it along with their own thoughts, essentially creating a post with the updated attached.

Users can use this feature to their advantage by asking their followers to help them maximise reach by reposting their posts. Since users tend to already repost content often, this feature makes complete sense as it simplifies the process even further, making the platform even more user-friendly.

Other social platforms are starting to rethink the “repost” feature, after noticing how it has been used with negative intent, through reposting negative comments and spreading negativity throughout the platforms. Alternatively, LinkedIn sees reposting in a more positive light, as it can be used to maximise reach and user engagement.

LinkedIn has not yet released or shared insights into why they want to add this option, so only time will tell. Reposting has the power to change user behaviour and change the way in which they interact with the platform. Let us help you adopt this new feature with our skilled team of Social Media specialists. Contact us today to get more information.

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