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July 29, 2021

Google gives users more control over Ads they see

Google's new 'My Ads Centre' tool empowers users with more control over ads they encounter in its apps.

Google is trying to give users more control over ads they are exposed to in its various apps through the new ‘My Ads Centre’ tool. This tool is aimed to provide additional direct control options directly from ad listings.

This new feature will replace Google’s current ‘Ad Settings’ and ‘About This Ad’ elements in order to better facilitate more control over what is available to users.

How does the new tool allow users more control over Ads that they see?

Think about if you went on a beach holiday and spent months prior researching for this trip, and now that you are back home you no longer want to see beach and holiday ads. With the new My Ad Centre feature, you can click on the menu option and next to a holiday or beach ad you can choose to see fewer of these specific types of ads.

You also have the opportunity to select the option to see more ads on a certain topic that you like, care about, or are passionate about. Although it is highly unlikely that users will voluntarily choose to see more ads, the aim of this feature is to make you aware that you will see the same number of ads, but you can now choose to see ads that are more tailored to your interests.

In addition to this, you will also be able to completely switch off ad personalisation. Finding this control is extremely easy as it has been placed front and centre in the product. This feature will be relevant as long as you are signed in with your Google account.

Another cool feature is the ability to limit certain ads which you do not want to see, such as school, dating, and weight loss for example. My Ads Centre will also allow users to choose certain types of data that Google is or is not allowed to use in targeting you with ads.

Overall, this is a great step in the data privacy front as it allows users to control their online experience while limiting the information that they share if they choose to. Not everyone will go through the effort of changing these settings, but the option will be there for those who want it.

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