creating compelling Instagram Stories ads
August 7, 2020

Tips to creating compelling Instagram Stories ads

Craft compelling Instagram Stories ads: Relevance, brevity, fast pacing, product demos, and mobile optimisation are key!

Creating compelling Instagram Stories ads – In just over a year, this full-screen format has completely changed the way brands connect with their audience – with more than 50% of businesses having created a story during a typical month. Instagram Stories is becoming an increasingly powerful way for brands to stand out and inspire action as well as display their products or services in an easy and effective way.

With breakthrough, advertisers can measure the likelihood of an ad being noticed, viewed and recalled. While with the response, they’re able to measure the likelihood of an ad driving a reaction and brand action.

5 Tips to help marketers compelling Instagram Stories ads

1. Relevance matters

Top-performing Instagram Stories ads usually rank higher on relevance than lower
performing ads. They also grabbed attention, were easy to understand and fit the advertised brand.
Keeping it simple and to the point will help attract viewers to click on your ad.

2. Seconds add up

On average, top-performing ads in stories were shorter and contained branding earlier on than lower-performing ads in stories. Keeping your ads short and sweet instead of dragging it out will improve your ad ranks.

3. Fast pacing pays off

Among ads in stories that contained multiple scenes, on average, top-performing ads are usually shorter than those from lower-performing ads as they have less scenes therefore going to the point.

4. Product demos boost results

Only about half of the Instagram Stories ads we tested showed the advertised product in use, but those that did performed better on key metrics. Instead of going straight to the point to market your product, marketing your brand instead will better your reach as well as your audience as they will focus on the brand instead of a specific product.

5. To be effective, bespoke ads must be mobile-optimised

At least half of the ads were built specifically for Instagram Stories, but few performed in the top Instagram Stories ads – perhaps because they took longer to reveal the key message and contained longer scenes.

When thinking about advertising your brand using Instagram stories, keep in mind these 5 tips to help you reach your audience as well as stand out! Let us help you create thought provoking content, contact us today!

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