Call Ads now include a call back option
January 18, 2020

Call Ads now include a call back option

Discover Meta's new call back option, enhancing customer interaction and boosting leads.

New call back option – Meta has announced more new updates to its ‘Call Ads’ which have cleverly been designed to prompt Facebook and Instagram users to call your business to find out more about you. Meta’s testing out a brand new ‘call-back’ option, which will give people the option to request a call back from your business if you’re too busy to get back to their initial call.

Meta explains that running a business also means juggling a lot of things all at the same time, and possibly means missing a few calls here and there. Potential customers might lose interest if their calls aren’t answered, so they are testing a feature on Messenger that provides customers the choice to request a call back from a business.

Meta’s currently testing the call-back option with selected businesses. Additionally, Meta’s also adding more objective options within Call Ad campaigns, as well as testing a replacement ‘pre-call’ feature, which can enable advertisers to supply additional context in their Call Ads (like a link to their website) to coach potential customers before they create contact.

Meta’s also testing an exciting in-app calling option that will enable users to use audio calls via Meta’s apps and direct from Call Ads, while still allowing users to continue their social browsing experience.

What impact does the new call back option have on your leads?

As noted, Call Ads might not have a huge impact if you’re looking to reach younger consumers via messaging and social platforms, as they are much more hesitant when it comes to talking to people over the phone.

A survey conducted by BankMyCell last year found that 75% of Millennials will avoid phone calls entirely if possible, with 80% indicating that voice calls make them anxious.

It is best not to spook younger age groups with Call Ads, however, if you are looking to get hold of older markets to offer products and services to via a call, it can be an honest choice to consider. These new enhancements will help to boost the worth of Call Ads in various ways.

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