May 22, 2021

BookTok allows creators to tag books in their clips on TikTok

Join the #BookTok trend! TikTok partners with Penguin Random House, allowing users to tag books in their clips.

TikTok is leaning into the ‘BookTok’ trend via a replacement partnership with Penguin Random House which allows users to tag books within their TikTok clips.

There is a brand-new option within the creation flow to feature a link to a book, which then enables you to search for a book, by title, to attach to your clip.

Once you add a book, that link will then refer your viewers to a passionate page with book details, including a short summary of the book, and a group of other TikTok clips that have linked to the same book, making it easy to gain further insight into the book supported what other TikTok users are saying.


TikTok explains that users within the US and UK can now access the BookTok feature by clicking “Add Link” and attempting to “Find Book” before posting their video. Users will then tag a Penguin Random House title available in their country and once the video is posted, the title(s) are featured near the captions.

In addition, TikTok is also giving users the choice to add their books to their Favourites tab on their profile, to produce a display of all of their favourite books.

BookTok is one most popular hashtag being used within the app, with over 77 billion views thus far. TikTok has now become a key promotional consideration for the newest titles, with TikTok discussion directly credited with boosting book sales in recent years.

Throughout the pandemic, book sales have significantly skyrocketed, with the United States print book market increasing by nine percent compared to the figures presented in 2020. The spike in sales has been attributed to TikTok’s BookTok.

Ideally, this became a greater focus for TikTok in an effort to encourage more beneficial, positive behaviours and trends on the app. In China, Douyin, the local version of TikTok, explicitly seeks to market ‘positive energy’, which is in alignment with the Chinese Government’s specialise in highlighting beneficial behaviours and trends amongst the youth, as against ‘vulgarity’.

Give BookTok a try and share your favourite reads with your followers!

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