New features for Google My Business
May 4, 2021

4 New features for Google My Business

Discover 4 New features for Google My Business - from COVID-19 Announcements to Google Guarantee, enhance your business presence!

Let us continue our discussion on some of the newly launched features that make Google My Business an even more powerful tool.

4 New features for Google My Business

1. COVID-19 Announcements

With a constantly changing landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google My Business has made it much easier to keep your customers updated with any COVID-19 specific announcements such as being able to temporarily amend working hours or even announce you will be closing the office for a specific period. One is also allowed to make quick announcements on what protective measures your staff are taking and what measures you expect your customers to take when visiting your business.

2. Include Your Services

To make life easier for a potential customer Google has expanded what you can display as your services. One can split these into separate categories and use up to 300 words to explain each of them. By making use of specific keywords you can be certain your business will appear in more search results, making it easier for customers to find your business.

3. Appointments and Quotes

To help streamline the process of your customers making appointments with your business, Google has introduced a feature that allows you to navigate your customer to your website from within your Google My Business listing. This offers a quick path for customers to contact you in addition to your details already listed on your profile. They can also request quotes or ask you questions directly; this allows your business to respond to these using the Google My Business app quickly, offering more efficient contact between you and your customers.

4. Google Guarantee

Lastly, a new feature making waves is Google Guarantee. This offers you the opportunity to have your business page certified by Google as being legitimate and trustworthy. Your profile will receive a distinct badge to let everyone know of this status. Google charges a subscription fee to maintain this status but the benefits are clear as any customer looking at your business will see this badge and know that they can trust doing business with you, especially if your competitors aren’t certified.

Let us help you implement these latest features on your Google business account. Reach out to us today for a free consolation.

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