Young users still use Facebook
September 7, 2021

Young users still use Facebook

Young users may lean towards newer platforms, but they still use Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram regularly.

Did you know that Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, BeReal, and Reddit are more likely to be used by Gen Z, but younger users haven’t forgotten about Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, as these are the apps that are mostly used by these users.

Statistics have shown that Gen Z users are engaging more on social than any other age group among the top ten social apps. Gen Z uses social apps between 12% more than Millennials in South Korea, 19% more in the US, and up to 30% more in Germany.

Users who are between the ages of 18-29 have stated that they are less likely to spend a large amount of time on social media apps. This is interesting as all the other demographic groups have significantly increased their time spent on social apps.

The statistics in this article provide data on active users only, such as users who log onto Facebook to check their updates from family and friends, but they are spending far more of their time scrolling through other apps such as TikTok.

This information is extremely informative for marketers. It proves that while many users are still logging into certain social media apps on a daily or monthly basis, the question remains whether they are spending valuable time on them. This is important especially when marketers have to decide on which platforms, they should post their ads on to receive maximum reach and engagement.

To sum it up, these young users are actively logging into their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts at a very high frequency, which is resulting in increasing Meta’s active user stats. However, they are still spending much more time engaging, consuming, and interacting on other more popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Meta’s research supports these statistics, which shows that Facebook usage has been slowly declining when it comes to younger users, which started as far back as 2012. It is no secret that Facebook is no longer seen as the ‘cool’ platform. So, it is interesting how it has somewhat shape-shifted into an essential connective tool that users still log into regularly. In 2016, Meta shared data that stated that users were spending more than 50 minutes daily on apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Meta has not released an update on these statistics, meaning that they most likely have not changed since then.

Marketers still need to ensure that they take the time to do proper research and to dig much deeper into these numbers for them to gain a real and proper understanding of where their audiences lie and where they are most active.

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