YouTube adds quizzes
July 26, 2021

Community post option – YouTube adds quizzes

YouTube adds quizzes, a new feature for creators to boost audience engagement and interaction.

YouTube adds quizzes – YouTube is encouraging creators to engage with their audience through its Community Posts feature, which now includes quizzes on the platform.

For YouTube channels that have over 500 subscribers, Community Posts are seen as feed-based updates which can be found in the ‘community’ tab within the platform. This has been designed as a social media-style update feed, allowing YouTube engagement to be increased within a community.

There are now additional options that will assist in increasing community engagement. YouTube has expanded its new visual editing process for image-based posts, which will allow for added ways in which users can create their community updates. If you are a YouTube creator, you will have the ability to use the app to add filters, text, and stickers to images and posts.

This visual editing update was launched back in August 2022 for Android users but will now be rolled out to creators who are on iOS devices and have the community tab enabled. If that is not enough, YouTube will now also be adding quizzes which will provide an additional stream of generating direct engagement and interaction with viewers.

Creators can create these quizzes in the same way that they would create a normal community post. This feature is still in the testing phase amongst some creators so it might still take a while to be rolled out to all users.

Users can also post GIFs, images, and polls to help boost interaction with viewers on the platform. Using community posts are a great way to increase engagement and will significantly complement video uploads. You can share more, more often!

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