Pin up to Three Posts To Your Instagram Profile

Instagram has recently announced it has launched a “Pin to your Profile” function on its platform. Instagram users are now able to pin up to three posts, including photos or reels, to the top of their profile grid. This means that users now have the power to choose which three posts they want shown at the top of their Instagram profile.


It is believed that this new feature will allow creators and other users to have the added flexibility of expressing themselves on their individual profiles. As of 7 June 2022, this feature has been rolled out globally.


Pinning a post to your profile follows a simple three-step process:

  1. Click on a specific photo or reel which you want to pin.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and click on “Pin to Profile”.
  3. This will move the selected photo or reel to appear at the top of your profile grid.


Instagram stated that they are wanting to give users more control over their profiles, as Instagram is a space to be creative and share parts of their lives with their followers. “Pin to Post” can be used to highlight favourite posts which may be situated further down the photo grid and allow these to be seen as a first impression when viewing an account. Furthermore, this is beneficial for creators who want to promote a specific post or product and make sure that it is seen when others view their profile.


This announcement came as Meta recently launched multiple new features for Reels on both Facebook and Instagram, with the most notable additions being a Sound Sync feature on Facebook Reels and added support for longer Instagram Reels, allowing users to post up to 90 seconds compared to the previous 60 second limit.


The company has also introduced various creative tools, audio tools, templates, and other additions to make Reels more exciting and engaging.


Mix things up on your Instagram profile and test out “Pin to Post” yourself! If you need social media content that will take your brand to the next level – Get in touch with us today!


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