What's New in Advantage+ and Shopping Ads
April 18, 2024

What’s New in Advantage+ and Shopping Ads

What's New in Advantage+ and Shopping Ads - One of the standout updates is the "Advantage+ creative optimisations

What’s New in Advantage+ and Shopping Ads

Meta, the powerhouse behind Facebook and Instagram, has recently unveiled a range of new advertising updates tailored especially for retailers and those utilising its automated Advantage+ campaigns. These updates bring a variety of new possibilities, each with its unique niche applications that could significantly benefit your business.

One of the standout updates is the “Advantage+ creative optimisations,” designed to automatically enhance your video ads for optimal viewing on Reels, as well as the mobile Facebook and Instagram apps, adhering to a 9:16 aspect ratio. This innovation aims to enable more brands to capitalise on the booming popularity of Meta’s various video formats, with Reels taking centre stage.

According to Meta, the daily watch times for Reels and other video formats have surged by over 25% year-over-year in Q4, with users resharing Reels a staggering 3.5 billion times daily. This update also allows advertisers to dynamically create multiple variations of an ad, providing the system with a broader spectrum of options to resonate with users effectively.

Meta is enhancing its Advantage+ catalog ads, now allowing the integration of branded videos or customer demonstration videos instead of static images. This advancement, introduced initially in beta testing last year, offers personalised product recommendations to users, based on their interests, therefore enhancing relevance and engagement.

Meta is also integrating its Shops ads and branded content ads (now termed as “Partnership ads”), facilitating direct purchasing from collaborative campaigns.

Other noteworthy updates include enhancements to Reminder Ads on Instagram, the introduction of Promo Codes promotions on Facebook and Instagram, and the launch of ads with product tags on Facebook Feed, expanding beyond Instagram. Collaborative ads are also getting an upgrade, with enhanced analytics on performance and testing for integration with Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

While these updates may not make headlines, their significance lies in their potential to unlock new avenues for specific brands to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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