Score Big with Instagram's Latest Update
April 18, 2024

Score Big with Instagram’s Latest Update: Ad Promo Codes

Score Big with Instagram's Latest Update - Instagram has officially rolled out its latest feature, "Ads with Promo Codes

Score Big with Instagram’s Latest Update

Instagram has officially rolled out its latest feature, “Ads with Promo Codes,” to brands worldwide, offering a fresh perspective for your Instagram campaigns. This innovative addition enables Instagram advertisers to captivate potential buyers with enticing promo codes displayed in their captions, ready to be redeemed during the checkout process.

With this new feature, brands gain an additional avenue to stimulate sales through their Instagram promotions, all while gaining valuable insights into direct IG sales based on the entered promo codes.

According to Meta’s findings, advertisers utilising this feature experienced a notable 9.1% median reduction in the cost per purchase within their campaigns, along with a significant 10.1% median increase in conversions.

Meta has been exploring the potential of promo codes for years, leveraging various methods, including barcodes, to bridge online and offline activities seamlessly. This latest iteration not only enhances the allure of discount codes, but also provides consumers with added motivation to make immediate purchases, rather than delaying decisions to a later time.

The introduction of Ads with Promo Codes on Instagram presents a valuable opportunity to drive consumer response and engagement. Now, brands can use this feature to maximise sales impact and enhance the overall effectiveness of their Instagram advertising strategies.

Discover the power of Ads with Promo Codes, now available globally on Instagram. Take your marketing campaigns to new heights and unlock the potential for increased purchase activity and customer engagement.

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