Reel creation options
November 9, 2021

Meta adds more Reel creation options on Facebook and Instagram

Meta introduces new Reel creation options, empowering users to remix content for more engaging Instagram Reels.

With short-form videos continuing to gain traction, Meta has underway with adding new ways for users to remix their content for additional Reel creation options on Instagram.

Many Instagram users have noticed that they receive notifications listed as a “Remix for photos” option when they are posting static images. This feature is said to allow users to create a new Reel that is based on your feed content, which they can simply download within their own clips. This means that people can re-use your personal content, however, there is an option to switch off this feature in your account settings.

This is yet another way to react to content, such as on TikTok where you can add to popular trends by filming your own take or version of the trend, instead of a view-only concept.

More Reel creation options

This new “Remix for photos” option lets you remix any video on the app, which essentially provides more inspiration for Reel content creation. Reels have become extremely popular, adding up to 20% of all time spent on Instagram. This makes complete sense why Instagram has leaned into the trend and is creating additional options for Reels engagement.

Brands have jumped onto the Reels trend too, as this allows for a more engaging and creative way of promoting new products, services, or specials. This is a very effective way of boosting both reach and engagement.

Meta has also recently added the ability for you to create Reels in Creator Studio, by simply remixing your already existing videos into much shorter clips. Meta now notifies its users on Creator Studio regarding its new process for trimming existing videos into Reels clips. It then guides you through the entire editing process, showing you step-by-step how to create Reels and Stories clips.

This is yet another way for Meta to assist brands and creators to merge into Reels content. Meta aims to make Reels a bigger priority of Facebook, as it continues to promote short-form video content.

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