Instagram's Enhanced Carousel Commenting Feature
April 15, 2024

Instagram’s Enhanced Carousel Commenting Feature

Instagram's Enhanced Carousel Commenting Feature - It's time to stay ahead of the curve with this latest update from Instagram

It’s time to stay ahead of the curve with this latest update from Instagram. The platform is constantly evolving to provide more engaging experiences for users, and this time, they’re shaking things up with a new way to interact within carousel posts.

Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows users to comment on specific images within a carousel post. This means that instead of leaving a general comment for the entire post, users can now tag their comment to a particular image or video within the carousel.

Say you’re browsing through a carousel post and you want to comment on the second image. With this new feature, all you need to do is type “@2” followed by your comment, and voila! Your comment will be linked directly to that specific image, making the conversation more focused and clear.

What does this mean? Well, it opens up a world of possibilities for driving more targeted engagement. By enabling users to comment on individual images, brands can encourage deeper interactions and discussions around each element of their carousel posts.

This update comes as Instagram continues to prioritise carousel posts as a key feature for fostering personal sharing on the platform. Last October, they introduced collaborative carousel posts, allowing multiple users to contribute to a single update. And more recently, they began testing expanded carousels, accommodating up to 20 images in one post.

With these enhancements, having a simple way to comment on each frame within a carousel becomes increasingly valuable. It not only promotes engagement but also facilitates meaningful interactions within the Instagram feed.

Keep in mind that Instagram is currently testing this new carousel tagging option with a select group of users.

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