Facebook's Vertical Video Update Explained
April 8, 2024

Facebook’s Vertical Video Update Explained

Facebook's Vertical Video Update Explained - The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and social media platforms are no exception.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and social media platforms are no exception. Facebook, in its latest move, is embracing the TikTok trend by introducing a new, consistent full-screen video player. This update will transform the way videos are viewed on the platform, with all videos expanding to the popular vertical format as known on TikTok.

From now on, whenever you tap on a video within the Facebook app, you’ll experience a fullscreen, vertically oriented video display. This marks a significant shift from the previous experience, where video formats varied depending on factors such as length or viewing location. Now, all video clips will seamlessly blend into a TikTok-like vertical feed, underscoring the influence that TikTok has had on the social media landscape.

But that’s not all – Facebook is also enhancing the viewing experience with additional features. Users will have the flexibility to flip their phones for landscape view on most videos, providing versatility in how content is consumed. Furthermore, new playback controls, including a simplified Reactions UI and improved video scanning options, will make navigating through content smoother than ever.

In its quest to keep users engaged, Facebook is ramping up its video recommendations. The upgraded fullscreen video player will incorporate improved recommendations tailored to users’ interests. Whether you’re into quick makeup tutorials or in-depth DIY guides, Facebook aims to deliver content that resonates with you, keeping you glued to the screen.

For content creators, this update brings valuable insights. High-quality and engaging videos, regardless of length or format, are poised to perform well on the platform. Facebook’s revamped recommendations will prioritise Reels, reflecting the growing demand for short-form video content. This shows Facebook’s commitment to amplifying the best content and fostering creator success.

This move by Facebook echoes the widespread adoption of TikTok’s format across social media platforms. TikTok’s sudden rise has reshaped user behaviour and influenced platform development strategies industry-wide. Despite facing scrutiny and potential bans in some regions, TikTok’s impact on social media remains undeniable.

By embracing vertical video and refining its recommendation algorithms, Facebook is aligning with evolving user preferences and cementing its relevance in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Stay tuned as Facebook continues to innovate and enhance the social media experience, with more updates set to roll out in the coming weeks and months. Get ready to explore a whole new dimension of content on your favourite social platform!

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