Web Analytics and Reporting

“If you measure it, it will improve.” – Seth Godin

Working with data should be straightforward and productive and not painful, but no one wants to do it – except for our data divers! Allow Fuzion Digital to proficiently work your data and show you what works for you.

Web analytics allows us to measure, collect, analyse and report on your web data, traffic, sales and potential leads for various strategic reasons. We can explore data and report on it so that meaningful insights can be seen and an in-depth online approach can be put in place.

Return on Investment is probably one of the most important factors in your business. We can dissect your data and show you exactly where your customers are accessing your services from, from which device they are clicking through, their demographics and their geographic information. This gives us a good example of their consumer behaviour.

We can establish which keywords are used when searching for your business and how many times your website was searched for. The number of customers that have visited your website, how many of them are return visitors and how many of them are new visitors, can be seen through analytics.  You can see how much time is spent on which pages of your website and which are the more popular pages as well as your website bounce rate. By using these metrics you can optimize for the ultimate user experience.

Fuzion Digital can provide you with a report that explains exactly what your data is doing for your business. Let us put the graphs and numbers into meaningful words that will help you understand your website analytics. Web analytics will also help to improve your ranking on search engines as we can tweak your web content to give you the optimal results.

Reporting adds great value to your business, in many ways. Talk to Fuzion Digital about your business metrics. See how your data can be used to turn leads into customers!