Mobile and SMS Marketing

“If your marketing plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.” – Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola

Here is a quick fact for you: South Africans are obsessed with their cell phones aka mobiles. This is great news for your business, especially for your marketing strategy. Unless you have been sleeping and neglected to reach out to your customers through mobile advertising.

If you are in that slump, you are behind the trend and it’s time to wake up, quick!

Mobile marketing is a promotional activity where messages are delivered to cell phones, smartphones and other handheld devices whereas SMS marketing is a technique where short text messages are sent to potential customers that are informative and usually have a call to action.

Marketing your business to appeal to mobile users is an art and when done right your message can reach a very large target market of potential customers. This is the age of where we live! We are constantly on the go and want to access information from our closest source, let Fuzion Digital get your message across to hundreds of customers directly to their fingertips.

Our services include mobile marketing through SMS, mobile search ads and mobile image ads. Your website needs to be responsive to enable customers to have the best user experience when visiting your website via their mobile phones. Research has found that 97% of SMS messages are read and mostly within 4 – 5 minutes of their receipt.

Mobile marketing is not the future of marketing –  You need to get ready and have your mobile marketing strategy firmly in place and on the roll.

Let us help you!