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We are a fresh Cape Town based digital marketing firm, enhanced by a talented and passionate team. They are connecting, informing and creating inspiring work. We re-evaluate brands to broaden awareness, improve their global positioning and reconnect them with end-customers. Our business is to help you form relationships and effectively engage sales!

Led by few seasoned advertising industry pros, our agency delivers innovative solutions across all the mediums available nowadays. We offer services related to advertising media, marketing, partnerships, interactive, creative, content, insights, and campaign management, with a time and efficiency proven record for producing sales-driven campaigns. This includes premium must-see productions, venues, exhibitions and events, BTL and ATL campaigns…

Our ultimate goal and passion is to always be adding value to all our clients. To develop a strategic vision that can navigate existing and upcoming consumer journeys. To challenge conformity and to completely re-imagine the experiences through which people will connect.

We’re humbled to say this journey has made us stronger and earned us a unique perspective for the work we do today: helping brands, helping people by offering a single-point solution. A one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

Modern Mediums

We are just as modern and dynamic as the world of today and tomorrow is… Using all the available digital advertising and marketing mediums and platforms to fit your brand or product!

Efficient Budgeting

Working with an advertising or marketing budget, regardless of its size, requires a lot of attention, efficiency, and diligence. We spend your budget wisely and creatively to effectively produce results!

Sales Driven

Everything we do is meant to boost both your brand’s recognition and your sales records! This means that we are the perfect team for a company striving to grow the income!

Our Amazing

Team of Fuzion Knights



With 20 years’ experience in executive managerial sales, retail and digital marketing positions, Mike has developed a passion for the ever-changing digital space and helping clients map their marketing journey.
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Senior Account Manager

With over a decade’s experience in motor dealer marketing, Mariantha looks forward to creating success for all clients at Fuzion Digital.
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Key Account Manager

As an avid lover of life, Carri-Ann represents both small-scale and multi-national brands with the same care, creativity and masterful eloquence in every campaign she sets her hands on.
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Key Account Manager

With an absolute passion for social media, Kristi keeps up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and implements this to all her clients, giving them an edge with their online presence.
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Key Account Manager & Team Lead + Google Ads Manager

Kayla's creative and analytical ability allows her to turn any challenge into a WIN for every client account she works on.
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Social Media Executive

Jessica has a passion for the marketing industry and takes any challenge by the horns. We are excited to see her grow and what she brings to the team!

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Social Media Executive

A new member to our Social Media team!

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Social Media Executive

A new member to our Social Media team!


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Social Media Executive

The newest member to our Social Media team!

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Creative Manager + Digital, Web & Graphic Designer

Sam’s passion for creative design stems from her personal love for the arts & 10 years professional experience in SEO, copywriting, digital design, web design, CRM marketing and fine arts.
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Key Graphic &
Digital Designer

Reggie is a young and talented graphic designer with a sharp eye for print and digital design. His keen interest in learning new things makes us excited to see what he comes up with!
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Senior Graphic & Digital Designer + Usability Expert

Alan has almost a decade’s worth of experience in design and is a Certified Usabality Analyst with HFI International.
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Web Designer + IT Technical Executive

A new member to our Creative team!
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Our Most

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! At our creative department, you will find passionate individuals who specialize in different areas, ranging from web design to digital marketing, but they are not limited to a single skill set. Using an interactive approach, they can adapt to any project or situation and always move in leaps and bounds to create trends rather than follow them. They are a design agency, advertising agency and consulting service all rolled into one, and if the right person for the job isn’t already under their roof, they have the right partners on hand to get the job done.

Our main services are varied. We are not limited and are willing to give anything a try!

We calculate the fees based on the projected number of hours dedicated to a project or group of projects. In addition to fees, project expenses are estimated in advance and billed to our clients. In most cases, project expenses are billed at close to cost at first – to show the value of proper digital assets without the massive pricetag.

Please note: This process involves a lot of working hours for a few groups of specialists: Creative copywriters, who write the script for the video, Art direction and designers, who develop the visual concept of it, Digital producers and editors who assemble it all together into a ready product, Media buyers and managers who do the advert placement

Each case is calculated individually and is sent for an approval to client’s marketing dept.